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Noble species of vine, well know especially in the region of Piedmont. This vine has found in the area of preappennine hills of Romagna the ideal habitat for its growing, by leaving upon the wine its identity and typical signs. Only a little, very selected part of the 240 HA of the Bassi farm, produces these grapes. The wine we obtain stands out for its liveliness and freshness. It has a very good structure and an interesting aromatic outline.

SOIL: These grapes are produced on the best sunny preappennine hills of Romagna, always the ideal and natural environment for winegrowing. The grapes get a great benefit owing to the favourable exposure to the sun and to the salubrious climate. The soil is ancient decarbonated, generated by the degradation of the autochthonous rock; it is rich in clay and structure, able to assure a continuous but moderate availability of nourishing substances.

PRODUCTION SYSTEM: Very short pruning.

AVERAGE PRODUCTION PER VINE STOCK: We obtain a very scanty production per vine stock (from 1,5 kg to 2 kg per grapevine).

WINEMAKING: We reach the result to put on well the structure of a great and noble species of vine with the typical saving of the wines in this area, enriched with the fruity, fresh scents, typical of the Barbera varieties. In order to obtain this result it is necessary a refined winemaking technique with the possibility of intervention on the fermentation temperature and on the soft pressing of the grapes. All that for the sake to cut short the contact times between must and skin; in order to pull out the colouring matters and aromatic substance from the skins. The Preservation at a low temperature and the following decanting make it sure the spontaneous clearness of the wine.

BOTTLING: Sterile and cool in order to keep all aromatic properties.

CHARACTER: Wine of intense red ruby colour, with a refined fruity wine scent, rightly strong in body, enveloping enough acid and tannic, suitable also for ageing. The bunches of grapes is medium-sized, pyramidal, with blue-black pruinose berries, rich of juice and right acidity. As to fragrance the smell of fruits dominates, especially sour black cherry and currant, well involved hazelnut, cinnamon and nutmeg shades.


WINE PAIRING: First courses as pasta and soups, red and white meats, game dishes, sausages and cold cuts.