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This type of wine is the one that mostly needs the “CRUS” discipline, also in its sweet version, given the extreme diversity of products that can be obtained from the same grapevine. In fact, soils have a great influence. The Bassi winery has chosen to grow this variety, “grasparossa” selection, in the clayey and fertile soils of Sala Bolognese, following the typical habitat of the Modena plain area. The low production imposed on grapevines and the careful agronomic choices contribute to increase the grapes’ quality.

TECHNICAL NOTES: This variety has a long phenolic cycle, in fact, although it buds early (08- 15/04) fruits ripen fairly late (01-15/10). The bunch of grapes is medium sized, cone-pyramid shaped with a very evident wing; these medium-sized grapes, which have blue-black peels, very pruinose, thick and coriaceous, and the juice rich in acid make the variety suitable for the production of new wine. Exclusively produced in the sparkling version by the Bassi winery, it stands out for the integrity of fragrances and the primary aromas. In order to obtain this it is necessary to follow very carefully the evolution of the products during the maceration, by using a winemaking technique that allows the intervention on the fermentation temperature and on the soft handling of surface marks. All this in order to shorten the time of contact between must and peels, obtaining the maximum extraction of colouring and aromatic substances contained in the peels. Bubbles, which make the wine sparkling, are generated in tanks with pressure control manufactured for that purpose, with natural secondary fermentation. The storing at low temperature and the subsequent decanting enable natural clearing.

WINETASTING: Wine of red ruby colour with violet rims, lively and faint bubbles. The fragrance is agreeable, winey and intense, with smell of violet and wild cherry. Dry and sweet taste, harmonic and pleasant acid. Fresh, sparkling, agreeable and full character.

SERVING TEMPERATURE: Best served at cellar temperature, 14-16°C.

WINE PAIRING: Soups and first courses of the traditional Emilian cuisine, cold cuts, cotechino and zampone, fried meat and vegetables.