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It is obtained with Merlot grapes produced in the black soils which are present in the areas of Calderara and Sala Bolognese, probably the last residue of the ancient pre-Apennine hills.

SOIL: The soil rich in clay and the pedological environment favour a limited vegetative development and a higher quality of the grapes.

PRODUCTION SYSTEM: Wall-like with low side support and very short pruning.

AVERAGE PRODUCTION PER VINE STOCK: Very low production per vine stock, in order to elevate the quality of the end product.

WINEMAKING: The grapes are harvested in large cases and transported to the Vinification Cellar, the must, after the separation from the grapestalks, ferments in contact with the skins in wine-making machines supplied with mills able to dip the cap of dregs. The vinification tanks are equipped with a refrigerating hollow space for temperature control. The release of colour, tannins and extracts, indispensable for the production of noble red wines is helped by the long permanence of the skins in maceration. After the racking, the new wine is filtered thanks to frequent decantings and then kept in stainless steel tanks with heat control.

BOTTLING: Sterile at cool temperature.

CHARACTER: It is a wine of great elegance, with red ruby colour and bright blue-violet tinges. It smells mostly of grassy notes, sweetened by notes of berries and spices. Dry, harmonic, balanced and persistent taste.

SERVING TEMPERATURE: 18-20°C after 1 hour decanting.

FOOD SUITABLITY: It best accompanies roasts, game dishes and grilled meats, but also first course with well-flavoured sauces.