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Produced in the still and sparkling version. The area between Calderara di Reno, Longara and Sala Bolognese is characterised by lands with black soil, which are a probable last residue of the ancient preappennine hills and therefore very anomalous soils. The soils rich in clay allow a contained vegetative development and therefore the production of grapes of great quality.

TECHNICAL NOTES: This variety has found in the Bologna area an ideal habitat for its growing.

The autochthonous soil, rich in clay, and the use of selected clones as well as special techniques allow a very high quality standard. The G.D.C. (Geneva Double Curtain) production system guarantees the best use of light, which allows the bunch of grapes not to be too exposed to the sun, in order to preserve the aroma that distinguish this variety.

WINEMAKING: What distinguishes this wine is its richness in aroma and its great structure. The Bassi winery treasures its maceration technique on contact with peels in the winemaking of these grapes, introducing the most modern winemaking techniques, in order to obtain a rich and typical wine, which is also consistent and balanced. Stalk is removed from must, grapes are cooled to 12° C and macerated for 24-48 hours, then the grapes are pressed in soft lung presses. Fermentation takes place with the help of selected yeasts in stainless steel tanks with automatic temperature control. In its sparkling version, bubbles are generated in tanks (Charmat Method) using the wine obtained from grapes that are harvested some days in advance and the must partially fermented; the temperature for secondary fermentation is kept low in order to preserve the original aroma and obtain the ideal fine grain.

WINETASTING: Sparkling wine has fine and persistent grain, it is of pale greenish yellow colour with greenish tinges, smell of white flowers and peaches, enriched by typical notes of secondary fermentation. The taste is soft and balanced with a light residual sugar; it is a wine of medium structure and pleasant aftertaste. The still version is amazing for its smell of fresh exotic fruits, peach, and flowers; the taste continues the smell sensation of ripe fruit, it is soft and has a pleasant aftertaste.

SERVING TEMPERATURE: Sparkling version: 6-10° C; still version: 8-12 C°.

WINE PAIRING: The sparkling wine is an excellent aperitif, and it accompanies quick breaks and cold meat dishes and fresh cheese. The still version best accompanies grilled fish, vegetable soup and white meat with vegetable sauces.