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It is a grapevine of very good quality that has been introduced in the Bologna area recently. It has been grown in the "Maria" and "Brigi" estates for a few decades. Climate, soil and men's work are at the origin of the quality and results achieved in the production of this "new" type of wine, and show well the winery's care and professionalism in following, interpreting and favouring natural processes.

SOIL: The "Maria" estate is made of very ancient clays that waters that eroded the Apennine faults close by have sedimented in thousands of years; in the "Brigi" farm the soil is a medium clay mixture equipped with drainage and irrigation systems to guarantee the grapevine's natural habitat.

PRODUCTION SYSTEM: G.D.C. (Geneva Double Curtain).


WINEMAKING: The most modern winemaking techniques are used, such as the following: oxidation of must, soft pressing without maceration, static and cool decanting with a 48 hour decanting rest, alcoholic fermentation without sulphur dioxide, the use of selected yeasts that enhance the character of the varietal grape. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature and wine is stored at 13-15° C until bottling.

REFINING: In stainless steel tanks with automatic temperature control.

BOTTLING: Sterile and cool, with clarifying and filling in nitrogen controlled atmosphere.

WINEMAKERS’ NOTE: Interesting variety that is able to keep for a longer time the freshness and the varietal grape's perfumes and tastes. It's a wine of international reputation that satisfies the most delicate and sophisticated palates.

CHARACTER: A wine of pale straw yellow colour with greenish tinges; smell of grass and dried hay, hawthorn flowers and with ageing it acquires smell of minerals. The taste reproduces the grassy smells enriched with the pleasant taste of toasted butter. It's a medium-bodied wine, tasty with a correct balance and a pleasant and inviting aftertaste.


WINE PAIRING: Flounder with baked leeks and beans, prawns and baked potatoes with white wine, salmon escalopes with season vegetables, sauté freshwater fish, creamed mushroom soup, delicate cold meats.