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Grapes come 85% from the Barbera vineyards located in the Sacerno estates and the remaining 15% from the Sangiovese vineyards grown in Riolo Terme, Trinzano Farm.

WINEMAKING: Grapes immediately after the harvest are separated from the grapestalk and softly pressed. The maceration takes place under controlled temperature ( < 10°C ), for a period of 12 - 24 hours, to obtain a must with the proper colour intensity but without the extraction of too strong tannins. In the Charmat version the enrichment of bubbles in thermo controlled tanks lends elegance and refinement to this spumante whose bouquet is particularly intense.

CHARACTER: It is a wine of a bright pink colour. The smell is wide with notes of fruits and herbaceous nuances which reinvigorate its freshness. The taste is well balanced, sapid with a pleasant and persistent aftertaste.


WINE PAIRING: Its fresh acidity makes it perfect both as an aperitif as well as during the whole meal.