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It is produced with Reno DOC Montuni varietal Montù grapes that are grown in the sandy-clayey soils of the "Maria" and "Brigi" estates.

SOIL : The plot of land is equipped with drainage and irrigation systems that guarantee the ideal pedologic conditions for winegrowing. Organic manure, besides giving the soil the necessary elements, improves soil structure and composition.

PRODUCTION SYSTEM : G.D.C. (Geneva Double Curtain).

AVERAGE PRODUCTION PER VINE STOCK : 3, 1 kg per grapevine.

WINEMAKING : This grape variety has been present in the Sacerno estate for centuries and was once called "Bianchello", owing to the pale colour the wine obtained from it had. High sugar content, its grapes are suitable both for the production of sparkling wines and full-bodied wines with high alcohol content. The Villa Bassi winery has planted an area that covers about 400,000 sqm., being enthusiastic of the quality of wines obtained from this grape variety. Modern winemaking techniques have made this wine of great strength, elegant and pleasant to sip. Fermentation, which takes place with temperature control, as well as static and cool decanting make it possible to obtain a wine that is complete, clear and extremely varietal. For the production of sparkling wines, grapes are harvested 12-15 days in advance, bubbles are generated through natural secondary fermentation in tanks that are manufactured for that purpose and are equipped with temperature control and stirrers with timers.

REFINING : In stainless steel tanks with automatic temperature control.

BOTTLING : Sterile and cool, with clearing and filling in nitrogen controlled atmosphere.

WINEMAKER'S NOTE : Having always been convinced producers of this variety, that has become a bit the winery's historical symbol, we noticed with great pride the increasing appreciation of our customers.

CHARACTER : A wine of pale straw yellow colour with greenish tinges; smell of flowers and grass enriched with notes of toasted butter. It's a full-bodied wine, tasty, warm and enveloping, the acid is not too accentuated, harmonic, tasty and with a persistent aftertaste.


WINE PAIRING : Delicate soups seasoned with aromatic herbs, "ricotta tortelloni" with green cheese and walnuts, trout baked in foil, bass with black olives.