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Villa Bassi Reno Pignoletto Doc

It is produced in the still and sparkling version with the Reno river DOC Pignoletto grapes, that are grown in the clayey soils of "Il Piccolo”, “Colombarola” and “Maria” estates.

SOIL: It's made of very ancient clays that are rich in minerals, components with limited transfer, which favours a contained luxuriance of vegetation and a production of high quality.

PRODUCTION SYSTEM: G.D.C. (Geneva Double Curtain).


WINEMAKING: Species of vine typical of the Bologna area, it has ancient traditions, it is among the most prestigious white wines, the Bassi winery has always asserted this variety's qualitative and commercial potential. The Bassi Winery is one of the private producers that have the biggest areas planted with Pignoletto, an area that covers 240,000 sqm. In the winemaking of these grapes, the Bassi Winery combines the traditional cool maceration with the modern soft pressing technique. The fermentation with temperature control and static and cool decanting makes it possible to obtain a wine that is complete, clear and extremely varietal. In its sparkling version, grapes are harvested 8-10 days in advance, they are fermented under temperature control after soft pressing and bubbles are generated through natural secondary fermentation in tanks manufactured for that purpose.

REFINING: In stainless steel tanks with automatic temperature control.

BOTTLING: Sterile and cool, with clearing and filling in nitrogen controlled atmosphere.

WINEMAKER'S NOTE: The grapevine is typical of the area around Bologna, it has been grown in the lands of the Sacerno estate for centuries. It acquires a particular aroma. The grape, thanks to the good resistance to cryptogams, magnificently adapts itself to late harvesting, favouring a high and constant quality in different vintages. This wine received several prizes, it's a very important wine and our winery is very proud of it.

CHARACTER: A wine of pale straw yellow colour; smell of fresh exotic fruits, peach, apricot and golden apple flowers. We must point out its particular elegance that accompanies smell; it's a medium-bodied wine, with light acidity, unique for the harmony and richness of flavours.


WINE PAIRING: Grilled non-fat fish, shellfish, "piadina" with soft cheese, "tagliatelle" with salmon. It is an excellent aperitif especially in the sparkling version.