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Made from the homonymous grapes, which are harvested on the hills of Riolo Terme, winemaking takes place in the winery of Calderara di Reno. This type of grape is one of the mostly grown and appreciated in the Apennines of Tuscany and Romagna. The Bassi winery grows this variety in 200 hectares of land; grapes are produced with special attention to the environment and respect of farmers’ traditions, through modern techniques. The winemaking and bottling of wine take place by keeping in mind that the final goal is to offer the best to consumers. Sangiovese Rubicone IGT Black Soils is grown in the hilly soil generated by the degradation of the autochthonous rock; the soil is rich in clay and structure, often not very deep with the presence of impermeable clayey layers that favour the generation of surface groundwater tables. The grapes in this environment reduce their vigour and production, favouring the full ripening of the bunch of grapes and therefore the highest quality of the wine. The older grapes are grown with the double-arch system, while the new ones are grown in wall-like with low side supports, able to guarantee the highest quality as well as an easy mechanised processing.

WINEMAKING: Stalk is removed from must, which ferments in modern winemakers with fullers equipped with temperature control. Such devices favour the extraction of phenolic, aromatic and tannic substances from peels, enriching the future wine. The contact between peels and must lasts about 6-8 days, then by drawing off the wine the new one is decanted in stainless steel tanks and the subsequent decanting enable clearing.

WINETASTING: Wine of intense red ruby colour, with burgundy red tinges; smells of violets and prune jam. The flavour is balanced, of light structure and medium tannin, extremely harmonic and easy to drink thanks to the acidity not very accentuated.


WINE PAIRING: Cold cuts, salami and cheese. Excellent with red meats not too elaborated.