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Made from Sangiovese grapes that are grown on the hills of Riolo Terme, Brisighella and Imola. Grapes that are grown on these hills find the ideal habitat for winegrowing and benefit from the sun and the salutary winds.

SOIL: The soil is ancient decarbonated, generated by the degradation of the autochthonous rock; the soil is rich in clay and structure, often not very deep, but quite fresh. Thanks to the numerous surface groundwater tables, which develop in these particular kinds of environment.

PRODUCTION SYSTEM: Mostly double arch, the new plantations are grown in wall-like with low side supports.

AVERAGE PRODUCTION PER VINE STOCK: The relevant differences in the plantations, therefore in the density and also in the growing style, as well as the presence of different clones give a variable average production ranging from 6,8 Kg to 2, 1 Kg per grapevine.

WINEMAKING: Grapes are transported to the winery as soon as they are harvested, stalk is removed through special machines and then the grapes are put in winemakers. These are equipped with cooling and heating systems, as well as special fullers able to submerge the surface marks in the must during maceration which allow a natural and different extraction of important substances from the skins. The possibility to control temperatures during the fermentation permits a diversified evolution of aroma, tannin and anthocyan. At the end of the alcohol fermentation the new wine is exclusively cleared thanks to the frequent decanting anti then stored in stainless steel tanks equipped with temperature control.

BOTTLING: Sterile and cool with clearing and filling in nitrogen controlled atmosphere.

CHARACTER: This Villa Bassi Sangiovese is of intense red ruby colour with violet tinges. The smell mainly reminds of fruits and flower. The taste is fresh but strong in body and personality, enveloping, tasty, elegantly tannic. It is a wine of medium complexity with pleasant and persistent aftertaste.

SERVING TEMPERATURE: 16-18° C after a one-hour decanting.

WINE PAIRING: Typical first courses from Emilia-Romagna, white meats and cold cuts.