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It is made from Sangiovese grapes, that are grown in the Bassi Winery in the "Trinzano Farm" located at Riolo Terme.

SOIL: Typical of the preappennine hills of Romagna, it has always been the natural habitat for winegrowing. The soil is ancient decarbonated, generated by the degradation of the autochthonous rock; the soil is rich in clay and structure, often not very deep, but quite fresh, thanks to the numerous surface groundwater tables, which develop in these particular kinds of environment.



WINEMAKING: The area particularly dedicated to the growing of red grapes, the low production imposed on our grapevines, the particular care given to the vine and the respect for the environment, create the "basic" material for future wine. This is one of the strong points that distinguish us. Grapes are harvested in large palletized cases and transported to the winery, stalk is removed from must and ferments on contact with the peels in winemakers with fullers able to submerge the surface marcs. Winemaking tanks are equipped with double chamber in order to control the temperature. The extraction of colour, tannin, aroma necessary for the production of important red wines, is aided by the long permanence of peels during maceration, which can last up to 30 days. After drawing off the wine, the new one is exclusively clarified thanks to the frequent decanting and then stored in stainless steel tanks equipped with temperature control.

BOTTLING: Sterile and cool, with clearing and filling in nitrogen controlled atmosphere.

WINEMAKER'S NOTE: Good wine quality starts in the vineyards. By realizing that tradition is a good teacher, we have been able to obtain this Sangiovese, a wine of high importance, elegant and impressive. Man's care and the knowledge acquired have been finalized to the creation of a product of extraordinary stature.

CHARACTER: Wine of intense red ruby colour, with violet tinges, fresh and varietal smells of brushwood fruits and violets. The flavour, still young, is strong in body and personality, enveloping, tasty, warm, it surprises for its elegant tannin, the acidity not very accentuated, the harmony and persistent aftertaste. It is a wine very suitable for ageing.

SERVING TEMPERATURE: 16-18° C an hour after decanting.

WINE PAIRING: Lasagna, pasta with ragù sauce, chowders, bean soup, pork, sausages and mushrooms, lamb with sweet sauce, white meats, pappardelle with hare sauce, cold meats, game dishes.