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Villa Bassi Sauvignon dell'Emilia IGT

It is produced with Sauvignon grapes, grown in the clayey soil of the "Maria" estate.

SOIL: It is made of very ancient clays that waters that eroded the Apennine faults close by have sedimented in thousands of years. The soil keeps in a high amount of nutritional elements that are therefore available to plants.

PRODUCTION SYSTEM: G.D.C. (Geneva Double Curtain).


WINEMAKING: This variety has been present for years in the lots of the "Sacerno Estate". The very particular aroma has always been a reason of pride but has also caused limitation in the vineyard's expansion. Very intense aromas are present in this winegrowing area, thanks mostly to the concentration that grapes get from these clayey soils. It's in the winemaking with Sauvignon grapes that the Bassi winery utilizes methods passed on and consolidated through centuries, with the help of modern equipment that facilitate their application.

REFINING: It takes place in stainless steel tanks with automatic temperature control.

BOTTLING: Sterile at cool temperature, with clarifying and filling in natural atmosphere.

WINEMAKER'S NOTE: Non-constant variety, in some years it can surprise for its very particular aroma and perfume, but in some other years it can produce a varietal character that is hardly noticeable.

CHARACTER: Wine of light straw yellow colour with greenish tinges. The aroma includes elderberry, celery, and lemon flowers, enriched with a grassy, herbaceous aroma (according to enological history scholars, Sauvignon literally means "wild plant''). Flavour repeats the aroma and structure, tasty, warm and enveloping alcohol content. The acid balance makes this wine even more agreeable, the persistent aftertaste enhances it.


WINE PAIRING: Grilled mushrooms, fish "risotto", also with cuttlefish ink, salmon trout backed in foil, spaghetti with clams, creamed mushroom soup, delicate cold meats.