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The production of sparkling wines through the Charmat process has been one of the Bassi Winery's strong points as well as a reason of pride.

WINEMAKING: The great satisfaction given by the quality of these wines are evident in the Riserva Bassi Brut sparkling wine. This wine is obtained from the careful winemaking of Pinot and Montuni grapes, from the aging of the bases on yeasts present in the first fermentation, from the enrichment of bubbles obtained in tanks that have heat control and from the maturing in the fermentation tank for more than a year.

CHARACTER: During winetasting it turns out to be exclusive for its nuances of perfume and taste; light and complex to the nose, the taste is appreciated for its softness and velvety completeness, it is lively and elegant at the same time. That's what Riserva Bassi Brut is like, the outcome of a careful selection of grapes, of the ideal climatic and pedologic conditions and of a refined winemaking technique. All this contributes to the production of this pleasant sparkling wine.

WINE PAIRING: It's an excellent aperitif, but it can also enhance food tastes in a full meal.

SERVING TEMPERATURE: It must be served at a temperature between 8 and 10°C.

PRESERVATION: It must be stored in a dry and dark place at a temperature between 13 and 16°C.