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With this type of sparkling wine the Bassi Winery intends to offer a fresh and fruity product, where the perfumes of grapes and scents of fermentation can be recognizable.

WINEMAKING: The choice of chardonnay, white pinot and pignoletto grapes during early ripening, the soft pressing techniques, static and cool decanting and the use of selected yeasts enhance the aroma contained in the grapes; it is up to the secondary fermentation not to alter the aroma, but to intensify it and keep it longer, thus enriching the wine with lively and faint bubbles.

CHARACTER: The result is a sparkling wine of pale yellow colour with greenish tinges, perlage is fine and continuous and enhances the wine’s clearness. Floral-fruity perfumes, accentuated by the bubble gas, highlight the lively character of the Villa Bassi Brut sparkling wine. The taste continues the sensation given by the smell, freshness and liveliness are balanced with a light residual sugar that makes the taste soft.

WINE PAIRING: It’s an excellent aperitif and it best accompanies refined and sophisticated dishes.

SERVING TEMPERATURE: It must be served at a temperature between 8 and 10°C.

PRESERVATION: It must be stored in a dry and dark place at a temperature between 13 and-16°C.