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An exclusive sparkling wine, its peculiarity comes from the careful selection of aromatic grapevines that have always been in the Winery Bassi.

WINEMAKING: The selection of these grapevines, the careful harvesting and winemaking, as well as the elaboration technique, that is very similar to the one used in the area of Langhe and Monferrato, allow the winery to obtain a wine rich in aroma, crisp and intense. Bubbles already start coming out in the first winemaking phases. Frequent decanting allows a slow process, which stops when the yeasts responsible for fermentation finish the nitrogenous substances needed for their own multiplication.

CHARACTER: Its low alcohol content and its natural residual sugar enhance the aroma. The result is a sweet sparkling wine, of pale straw yellow colour, mediumgrained and persistent; it has a rich smell and reveals to the nose intense floral- fruity perfumes.

WINE PAIRING: It accompanies well cakes, dry pastry, pudding, cream and "pandoro".

SERVING TEMPERATURE: It's an agreeable aperitif, and it's best to serve it at a temperature between 6-8°C.