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This sparkling wine originates from the Emilian land and culture, which has a preference for red sparkling wine to accompany its tasty and savoury dishes. With the sparkling wine Bassi Gran Dessert, the Bassi Winery wishes to offer a great wine able to match the richness of a meal with the pleasure of quality drinking. From this idea originates this sparkling wine with a low alcohol content, but with an intense character.

WINEMAKING: The wine-making implies the wise employment of the historical red berry grape varieties grown by the Winery; the careful harvesting, the use of the most sophisticated wine-making techniques, supported by the exclusive elaboration method, enable us to obtain a product with red ruby colour and purple tinges, with an intense floral bouquet and notes of small wild fruits.

CHARACTER: During wine tasting the wine is sweet, without bitterness, clean, with a delicate note of sweet almond. The agreeably persistent aftertaste stresses the marked personality of this wine.

WINE PAIRING: For its character it best accompanies not only traditional and delicious desserts, but also pasta with ragu sauce and bitter-sweet game dishes.

SERVING TEMPERATURE: It must be served cool at 6°C in "flutes" to best appreciate the noble "perlage".